RAHUL NANDAPersonal Trainer
With a total experience of around 9 years in the fitness industry,Rahul’s basic aim is NOT to make you slim or get you weight loss. He believes in an outlook where you adapt yourself to a better lifestyle with the right amount of nutrition ,protein and work out. Achieving the ultimate fitness while keeping your medical conditions in mind will be his utmost goal.
Rahul,with the help and support of his family opened the gym in 2010 where he aimed to bring a lifestyle change in his city,Ambala! Currently,there are a lot of other gyms but none match the standards met by Sweat. As for his qualifications and certifications,Rahul is a Computer Engineer and a Certified Personal Trainer from Fitness matters Pvt Ltd. He has attended various workshops,fitness events and competitions for the same. Recently,He graduated from TFFA in Sports Nutrition and Transformation Sciences. He’s gained another degree as a DTP and Y3T Specialist and 12 week transformation Expert. His area of interests are Proprioception training,Fat loss,Muscle gain,Injury management and Transformation with utmost ease. Rahul recently completed a course as a Level 1 Crossfit Traner.
What works for one person may not work for another and He firmly believes that health and fitness goals can be reached through hard, smart training and a little bit of determination. Let’s work for a fitter tomorrow!
SANJEEV SHARMAPersonal Trainer
Meet our Foundation Trainer who has been there with us from Day 1. What Protein is to Muscles,Sanjeev is to Sweat. He has been there with us at all times,Be it the good one’s or even the bad. With a total experience of over 14 years,He is a complete Loyalist when it comes to work. He sees no limits when it comes to delivering of services.
Sanjeev is a certified trainer who is managing things at the gym in the most professional possible way! Team Sweat can not thank him enough for his time and dedication.
Working as a Head Trainer,he has an experience of four n half years in this sphere

He holds a bouquet of certifications in fitness line. He is

• Personal Trainer from FM
• Sports nutritionist from TFFA
• Transformation expert From Team boss

Deepanshu has a knack for fitness and has attended various fitness workshops such as
• Power Yoga from FM
• HIIT by Ruchira tendulkar
• Sports conditioning by cosmic fitness
• CrossFit L1 by Rishi dutt

He is experienced in handling special cases like Thyroid,Diabetes,Arthritis,Rehab etc.
Deepanshu is a dedicated fitness enthusiast at Sweat who’s always available to sort your queries.

Team Sweat has its head high cus of his work ethics.

KIRAN KALRAPersonal Trainer
Want to know the best part of Team Sweat? It’s our Girl Boss trainer,Kiran who deals and trains ONLY in FEMALE CLIENTS. She has been making changes here since the past one and a half year. She believes fitness is all about a healthy lifestyle and healthy mind and as a fitness trainer,she strongly believes that her work is to guide you to achieve both.

She is Certified in
• Aerobics and Step Aerobics from Fitness matters
• Yoga from Fitness Matters
• HIIT from Kriya Kinesis
• CrossFit level 1 by Rishi Dutt
• Sports Conditioning from Kosmic Fitness

She is the best in her business and this lady can challenge you and push your limits to a level you can’t even think of. She believes that it is never too early or too late to start training to be the healthiest you.

A guy who started his journey being skinny and thought of joining a gym without knowing the know hows of the trade. He gained excessive fat due to dirty eating and ruined his muscle structure under poor guidance.
But like its said,Better late than never,Rimanshu perceived to learn and help others who might have faced the same issue while persuing ACE Certification and is currently working as a personal trainer with expertise in fat loss and loves to motivate individuals around him for fitness.
He is a perfect example of how one can achieve fitness with the right amount of knowledge and determination.
He is a live example of the before-after pictures that we see now n then!
Jolly-good-guy at the gym,he is a package of all things jolly good. Gurpreet holds Masters in Physical Education. Besides this,he has attended various workshops on Functional skills-Barbell and Dumbell specific. He knows the ‘Kettlebell’ in and out. He is a Pro in handling small group PT’s. Gurpreet is a certified personal trainer who specialises in Hypertrophy and weight management!

His vivacious energy can be well seen in his Bhangra workshops that are conducted at the gym from time to time. His jovial nature will force you to get trained by him!

RYANSH SOODPersonal Trainer
A passionate fitness enthusiast and crossfit lvl1 trainer,Ryansh has recently achieved certification in

• Sports nutrition
• Sports conditioning

He is pursuing ACE Personal Trainer Certification.

Apart from having all these certifications, Ryansh is A1 in planning diets and client handling. His dynamics in fitness are brilliant and his focus is unparalleled.

For him, fitness is not about being better than someone else. Fitness is all about being better than what you used to be.

ISHAV M. LAMBAPersonal Trainer
A fitness enthusiast who achieved ACE Personal Trainer certification after her baby. She is a perfect example of how a person can transform at any given time.
For her fitness is having healthy mind, body and spirit to allow you to maximise your potential and help others recognise theirs. She is currently pursuing specialisation in Prenatal and Postnatal fitness to help all mothers during their pregnancy and after.
She has also completed HIIT cetification from cosmic fitness headed by Dr. Ruchira Tendolkar.
Team Sweat is Extremely lucky to have Ishav on board with us!